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Leap 4 Life
The Leap at C4C The Leap at C4C

For our first “Leap 4 Life” event over 60 people from all walks of life and ages ranging from 8 to 50 flung themselves off our Leap of Faith to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Each person raised their own donations ranging from £25 to £150. Together we raised over £600 and everyone had a great time to boot! We will be doing the same next year and hoping more people have enough courage to have a go and raise money for this great cause.
Disability Week
The Leap at C4C

Also on Monday 8th August for the 2nd time this year, with the help of Simplyhealth Insurance Group, we held a week of fun and activities for people with a huge range of physical and mental disabilities. People of all ages had a go at our assault course, aerial challenge and the dreaded “leap of faith” as well as our Giant Swing. Eight groups from the North West attended sessions of 3 hours duration. With some of the groups telling us that we are the only place to accept their particular type of group we are more determined than ever to do this on a regular basis and be as inclusive as possible.
The Leap at C4C