“Left Market Harbrough with the slow group (which is growing in number) at 8am. The day was grey and wet and a hilly first 20 miles did nothing to improve morale! However the stop at subway did on 25 miles and from then on the terrain improved and the weather did as well in fits and starts. However having wet kit on is no fun and makes it colder. For 3 of us, Clarkey, Gary and me lunch was a ploughmans at the 8 bell at the 50 mile point just after St Neots. Service was slow which led to an unwanted stop of 70 minutes! However the people were friendly and one customer donated 20 quid! The next part of the journey was better and we even saw our support van at one point! At 75 miles we had our next planned stop and carrot cake and a latte went down well but did involve a detour! The last part of the journey had a few hills!!! We arrived at the hotel after 97 miles and 11 hours on the road! Hot bath and dinner and then an early night as its a longer ride tomorrow – great!!”

Subway   EightBells