“Set off from Chantilly after a lie in as breakfast wasn’t until 8am! We immediately took a detour as some riders wanted to see the racecourse. After a couple of decent hills we hit a major road which meant good progress. As we were all riding together it was an impressive sight as all riders were in their Tower 2 Tower kit! At about 20 miles we spotted a McDonalds and decided to have a pit stop! The ride into Paris then got more interesting as we kept losing the route and needed to avoid inadvertently joining a motorway or the peripherique! We passed the stade de France at one point and made our way in to Paris! Spirits were visibly lifted by the boost of being in the City itself and the first site of the Eiffel Tower was tremendous. As we crossed the Champs Elysee we couldn’t resist one last detour so we rode up it around the Arc de Triomphe (an amazing experience) and back down the Champs Elysee! We then crossed the Seine and approached the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing to think that 1 week before we had set off from Blackpool Tower and that we had cycled all the way (around 600 miles with all of the route issues and detours)! it has been a fantastic experience with a fantastic group of people for some great charities. Thanks to all of you who have made donations and to all our sponsors. Its now time to break out the champagne and sudocrem (in that order)!”