Part 1

“Got up early at 5.15 am feeling very tired. Mix up with hotel times meant we missed out on the full brekky! We then arrived at Dover terminal where I managed to fall off again! Managed to pair up the scars on my knees now! Mix up with ferry times mean we won’t get in to Calais till 11 French time and with 100 miles to cycle is going to make it a long day!”


Part 2

“Once in Calais it was good to get on the road and start counting down the miles. However miles 13 was very long as it was all uphill! This was only a taster as there were a lot of long difficult climbs during the day! Northern France is not flat! I spent most of the cycle with James Bolton and we ended up having about an hour delay because of a puncture and broken pump. I had to cycle to a garage with wheel in hand to get it pumped up by a friendly French mechanic! During the day we went through some lovely French villages including Azincourt. Every village seemed to have houses where there were barking dogs in the gardens! We didn’t see one cafe though until we went off route and found a McDonalds at 75 miles. By this time it was obvious it would be dark by the time we got to Amiens so we needed to arrange lights for James’s bike. We finally did this but it meant another delay. By the time we were back on route it was fully dark. Cycling I the dark in France is no fun! No street lights make it hard to follow the road and oncoming cars dazzling you with full beam means you have to stop. The journey to the hotel took ages because of this and we were the last back at a quarter to midnight after 97 hard miles! Thankfully the hotel made us food and I got a well deserved beer! Bring on tomorrow!”