“Set off from Harlow at 8am as one group but that didn’t last long. A mostly dry day at last and passed through some lovely little Essex villages. Most of us met up at a bike shop in Romford (see pic) where emergency repairs and replacements where made! In Kent the journey got more interesting. After making some good progress the Garmin route put us on a dual carriageway which seemed to have a minimum speed of 80mph and was full of unfriendly traffic. If this wasn’t bad enough it tried to send us through the Medway Tunnel which bicycles aren’t allowed in!! We had to use our phones to find an alternative, which took us through Rochester – a lovely place! We then found the proper route eventually, which was very hilly! The sun then came out properly when we got to Sittingbourne and stayed all the way to Dover. For the last 15 miles we ended up on the A2 which was also very scary with lots of speeding lorries. However it was al worthwhile after 107 miles and 12 hours cycling when we swept down the road through the white cliffs and above the ferry terminal – France here we come and another long day tomorrow!”

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