Challenge 4 Change has offered placement opportunities to various organisations in the past. The latest of these is Robert Muir, who is 18 years of age, and participating in the Prince’s Trust Team programme. The words below are his summary of his placement at Challenge 4 Change:

“I have been helping out with the more practical activities in the centre, such as checking ropes, keeping kit neat and tidy, setting up kit so it’s easy for teams to get into, changing old ropes for new ones, putting long ropes away correctly and safely and helping motivate individuals who are being taken out of their comfort zones. I have  also worked as part of a small, close knit, team. 

“I have seen how Dennis and Chris plan the activities to suit the skills and requirements of the group. For example, when there was a very sporty team such as Manchester City Women’s Football team, the activities would be very fast paced and activities in quick succession. Whereas when the teams weren’t so sport based, such as the employability skills team, the activities where a lot slower and breaks were more frequent to allow them time to recover. I also saw how activities are based around the skill of the group. For example when a team is very skilful the challenges are harder. But when the team is quite weak and shy Chris and Dennis make the challenge easier part way through so they aren’t stuck on an activity and get disheartened.

“During free time Chris and Dennis showed me how to maintain equipment. These where things like – checking ropes, keeping kit tidy, changing ropes and putting ropes away safely. I now know that when you check ropes, you tie a knot bellow the gri gri then hold the rope tight and run your hands along it. When you are checking the ropes, you are looking for thing like frays in the rope and places the rope has become weak or very stretched.

“Working at Challenge 4 Change has also taught me what it is like to work within a business. It has got me into a routine so I am ready for work. This is because I was given a strict time to get here for and I had to make sure I was here before that time. I had to get up at 6 o’clock every day in order to get here in time.

“Working at Challenge 4 Change has also greatly increased my confidence. This is because I was put into a new environment and was given instructions to do stuff. I couldn’t just be shy otherwise people could be seriously injured if I didn’t do it or didn’t listen to instruction. It also made me work with new people I had never met before, I had to work alongside these people and so I was forced out my shell. I also feel that the Challenge 4 Change work experience has matured me a lot. This is because I am given responsibility and when you are responsible for people, if you are acting like a boy, they won’t trust you and you need the group to trust you otherwise they won’t listen to instruction and will lose all respect for you.

“I have greatly enjoyed working at challenge for change. This week has been amazing. Thank you for an amazing week. I wish you all the best for the future, thank you”

Can you help?

As you know Challenge 4 Change target markets are Secondary Schools, Housing Associations, Charities, Community Organisations and businesses. If you feel you can help C4C access any of these markets please contact Challenge 4 Change by email or call 0161 359 3399.


For Charities, Community Organisations and Schools Challenge 4 Change currently has access to funding that can lead to up to a 50% reduction on their normal prices. Therefore please pass on our details to any of these organisations you feel may be interested and would benefit from their beneficiaries or students gaining new skills as well as a massive increase in their self esteem and self confidence!

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