Day 4 (Huntingdon to Gravesend)

day 4 startA little ride saw us embroiled in the one way system before we made some real progress.

The day was filled with back ache, knee ache, bum ache and a great deal of “are we nearly there yet?”

Well we are over half way now and all have cycling tans and chafing to prove it!

Our first pit stop was at Royston, which as a lovely precinct and a few not so lovely hills!

From there we headed for lunch at the Orange Tree which distinctly divided opinion!

Smokey, the cat, was loved by all. One cyclist wouldn’t enter because the staff were rude last year. Of the rest those who ordered soup or mushrooms on toast were very disappointed. Chicken people were satisfied while marie rose prawns and omelette ordered were ecstatic!

We all made the Dartford crossing ok and the final leg to the hotel in Gravesend.

Tomorrow its bonus francais.