Day 7 (Amiens to Chantilly)

day7 tanlinesWe left Amiens at around 8am for the 70 miles to Chantilly. The route took us through some lovely little villages. We didn’t get far out of Amiens before Jason got another puncture. This one resulted in him losing 2 spokes but the bike was fit to carry on. A helpful French cyclist stopped and decided to cycle with us for about 20k. A little further on Jay had a puncture and needed a replacement tyre – so all in all an eventful start to the day.

The toughest part of the day was a high open stretch passing lots of wind turbines as the headwind was quite strong. Stacey and Charlotte in particular took a buffeting whereas my size helps me somewhat! The weather was good for the whole day and the rain that threatened never arrived.

A fuel stop was taken at a nice little sandwich shop which served some lovely mini doughnuts. There were 4 types filled with jam, nutella, apple and cream so I had to try one of each.

The final part of the journey is quite quick and Lee’s bike managed two more punctures before we all made it safely to the hotel, knowing that the vast majority of the challenge was done.

The evening meal was in a great little restaurant called the Vertugadin, which I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Chantilly.

Its a short ride to Paris tomorrow – only 30 miles.