Day 8 (Chantilly to Paris)

day 8 super selfieWe started later because its a short day. The 30 miles to Paris was helped by the weather, which stayed dry all the way.

Our usual coffee stop place wasn’t open so we ended up in the Golden Arches where fast food moved very slowly. It wasn’t helped by the new automated ordering system they have inflicted on their customers.

Only one puncture on this day, which was a blessing, as some of the bikes (and cyclists) were feeling the effects of cycling over 600 miles. As we wound through Paris I managed a couple of wring turns and we had a couple of fallers, both who picked themselves up and carried on.

The group completed 3 circuits of the Arc de Triomphe (a Tower 2 Tower record) and then we headed to the Tower where we were met by family and friends.

A very emotional time, especially for those doing it for the first time. Charlotte gets a very special mention here as she had less self belief that she would make it than everyone else. However make it she did!

The day was finished off with the normal Seine dinner cruise and then drinks in a couple of local bars. This is where Jason fell asleep and had to be helped home by James and Ste, who did a fantastic job supporting the cyclists from start to finish.

There won’t be a Tower 2 Tower next year but it will return in 2017, so if you want to get involved please email