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Tower 2 Tower 2015 Day 4

Day 4 (Huntingdon to Gravesend)

day 4 startA little ride saw us embroiled in the one way system before we made some real progress.

The day was filled with back ache, knee ache, bum ache and a great deal of “are we nearly there yet?”

Well we are over half way now and all have cycling tans and chafing to prove it!

Our first pit stop was at Royston, which as a lovely precinct and a few not so lovely hills!

From there we headed for lunch at the Orange Tree which distinctly divided opinion!

Smokey, the cat, was loved by all. One cyclist wouldn’t enter because the staff were rude last year. Of the rest those who ordered soup or mushrooms on toast were very disappointed. Chicken people were satisfied while marie rose prawns and omelette ordered were ecstatic!

We all made the Dartford crossing ok and the final leg to the hotel in Gravesend.

Tomorrow its bonus francais.

Tower 2 Tower 2015 Day 3

Day 3 (Barlborough to Huntingdon)

It started with drizzle but thankfully we missed the downpour. Actually the weather was good all day, a lot of cloud but dry early on and turned really sunny by the time we reached Huntingdon.

The first pit stop was at a lovely cafe in Bingham where 2 kind people donated £15. We also had a donation at our next pit stop in Oakham.

Today was a 100 mile + day and all of our cyclists went through some tough physical and mental battles. However they all supported each other and made it to the end (Huntingdon racecourse).

Today’s route was long and quite hilly in places which really tested our riders. There was, though, some great scenery!

Tomorrow its on to Gravesend.

Tower 2 Tower 2015 Day 2

Day 2 (Challenge 4 Change to Barlborough)

FullSizeRenderDespite the weather forecast it turned out to be another hot and dry one.

We left Challenge 4 Change and headed through Manchester and Stockport before following the A6 through High Lane and Disley. We then turned off towards Chinley and. Chapel-en-le Frith, which is where the hills started.

To their credit every cyclist completed every hill. One of the most scenic is actually the steep downhill through Winnats Pass. We actually saw people cycling up it – great effort!

Oh and Dan had another puncture – he’s leading the way at the moment.

The very hot hilly day ended at the Ibis in Barlborough. It should be an early night for all as its going to be a long cycle to Huntingdon tomorrow.



Tower 2 Tower 2015 Day 1

Day 1 – Saturday (Blackpool to Challenge 4 Change)

IMG_3983What a gorgeous day to set off on the fourth Tower 2 Tower trip. 14 cyclists gathered on the prom (two who joined us to cycle to Manchester) and 12 who will be cycling all the way to Paris.

Family and friends joined to say goodbye and we set off towards Lytham. Our first faller, Jason, got distracted and was taken down by a tram track!

The peleton started at a fantastic pace and some of us (me) got left behind. One of our number, Marie, even had her son as a passenger and beat me to the first checkpoint.

The route took us down the Prom to Lytham, where the proms are in full swing, and out to Preston where welcome refreshments were provided by our volunteers in their blue steward vests.

Preston Marina is a highlight as is Avenham Park before our hot and bothered cyclists hit Fredericks Ice Cream Parlour in Chorley.

From there we headed to Manchester and it was on this stretch we had our first 3 punctures (all for Dan Savage). Actually he only had one but Ste Hurst (one of our support drivers) could the other 2 by over excessive inflation!

We all arrived successfully at Challenge 4 Change where water coffee and wagon wheels were gratefully received!



Challenge 4 Change Appoints New Technical Adviser and Ambassador

Challenge 4 Change is pleased to announce Steve Woods as our Technical Adviser and Ambassador.

stevewoodsSteve is a director at Vertex Training and his engaging manner, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience has propelled Vertex to become the top training company in Europe.

Steve has given training to companies and organisations all over the world, working on all types of courses for many different ropes course constructors. His unrivalled position within the industry means he’s one of the experts on the  CEN Committee representing the BSI writing and developing the European Safety Standard EN15567 for Ropes Courses.

He was also the Director of Training at ERCA and was instrumental in the development of the training syllabus that is used within the industry today. He currently sits on the ERCA Executive Board.

Challenge 4 Change Partners with Prince’s Trust and Fire Service to offer Placement Opportunity

Challenge 4 Change has offered placement opportunities to various organisations in the past. The latest of these is Robert Muir, who is 18 years of age, and participating in the Prince’s Trust Team programme. The words below are his summary of his placement at Challenge 4 Change:

“I have been helping out with the more practical activities in the centre, such as checking ropes, keeping kit neat and tidy, setting up kit so it’s easy for teams to get into, changing old ropes for new ones, putting long ropes away correctly and safely and helping motivate individuals who are being taken out of their comfort zones. I have  also worked as part of a small, close knit, team. 

“I have seen how Dennis and Chris plan the activities to suit the skills and requirements of the group. For example, when there was a very sporty team such as Manchester City Women’s Football team, the activities would be very fast paced and activities in quick succession. Whereas when the teams weren’t so sport based, such as the employability skills team, the activities where a lot slower and breaks were more frequent to allow them time to recover. I also saw how activities are based around the skill of the group. For example when a team is very skilful the challenges are harder. But when the team is quite weak and shy Chris and Dennis make the challenge easier part way through so they aren’t stuck on an activity and get disheartened.

“During free time Chris and Dennis showed me how to maintain equipment. These where things like – checking ropes, keeping kit tidy, changing ropes and putting ropes away safely. I now know that when you check ropes, you tie a knot bellow the gri gri then hold the rope tight and run your hands along it. When you are checking the ropes, you are looking for thing like frays in the rope and places the rope has become weak or very stretched.

“Working at Challenge 4 Change has also taught me what it is like to work within a business. It has got me into a routine so I am ready for work. This is because I was given a strict time to get here for and I had to make sure I was here before that time. I had to get up at 6 o’clock every day in order to get here in time.

“Working at Challenge 4 Change has also greatly increased my confidence. This is because I was put into a new environment and was given instructions to do stuff. I couldn’t just be shy otherwise people could be seriously injured if I didn’t do it or didn’t listen to instruction. It also made me work with new people I had never met before, I had to work alongside these people and so I was forced out my shell. I also feel that the Challenge 4 Change work experience has matured me a lot. This is because I am given responsibility and when you are responsible for people, if you are acting like a boy, they won’t trust you and you need the group to trust you otherwise they won’t listen to instruction and will lose all respect for you.

“I have greatly enjoyed working at challenge for change. This week has been amazing. Thank you for an amazing week. I wish you all the best for the future, thank you”

Can you help?

As you know Challenge 4 Change target markets are Secondary Schools, Housing Associations, Charities, Community Organisations and businesses. If you feel you can help C4C access any of these markets please contact Challenge 4 Change by email or call 0161 359 3399.


For Charities, Community Organisations and Schools Challenge 4 Change currently has access to funding that can lead to up to a 50% reduction on their normal prices. Therefore please pass on our details to any of these organisations you feel may be interested and would benefit from their beneficiaries or students gaining new skills as well as a massive increase in their self esteem and self confidence!

And please remember to follow @c4cteambuilding on Twitter, friend Challengefor Change on Facebook and like the Challenge 4 Change – we are official fans Facebook page.


Fresh from his completion of the Swiss Alpine Mountain marathon last year the Challenge 4 Change Chief Executive, Dave Djordjevic, is taking on an even bigger challenge this year by attempting the Swiss Alpine Ultra Mountain Marathon. This marathon is 78k or around 49 miles in length and is a very testing marathon course. The world’s toughest ultra marathon. He is doing this to raise funds for Challenge 4 Change so if you want to support him please DONATE HERE

New Challenge 4 Change Newsletter

januarynewsletterWe’ve just sent out our January Challenge 4 Change Newsletter, which is jam-packed full of the latest information about what’s been going on at the centre, with feedback from schools and sports teams who have visited us, as well as details of our new Open Courses and our charity work.

There’s also information about our 2015 Tower 2 Tower Cycle Challenge and our Chief Executive’s Swiss Alpine Ultra Marathon…

Read our January newsletter here

New Open Business Courses Available

shutterstock_7613314[1]We are excited to announce a series of open training courses in partnership with Elevate To.

These courses are tailored for business professionals who want to enhance their communication skills and include:

  • Dynamic Business Presentations
  • Essential Sales Skills
  • Tackling Team Dysfunctions

These courses have been designed and delivered for a number of organisations including Google, The BBC, IBM and The National Trust.

Working in partnership, Challenge 4 Change and Elevate To, take participants out of a traditional classroom setting and place them in an environment outside of their normal comfort zone.

By using Challenge 4 Change (a unique indoor experiential facility), the learner is taken through a blend of best business theory and practical challenges which deal with existing barriers to growth, challenge old assumptions and deliver an outstanding turnaround in individual development areas.


“Elevate To worked absolutely to the brief and ran the session brilliantly providing me ways to further strengthen my team and my own leadership style.” – Alison Stewart- Head of CBeebies

Special Offer

1-2 delegates £325 per person
3-4 delegates £295 per person
5+ delegates £250 per person

For more information or to book, click the links below:

Dynamic Business Presentations – BOOK NOW
Essential Sales Skills – BOOK NOW
Tackling Team Dysfunctions – BOOK NOW

November is Football Season at Challenge 4 Change

November has seen its share of sports teams visiting the centre with both the Blackburn Rovers first team squad visiting on Monday November 10th and Manchester City Ladies Elite Development Squad on Wednesday 12th respectively.

Both squads came for some innovative team bonding at Challenge 4 Change and both saw the benefits.

We have developed a specific offer for football teams. Our coaches are experienced, fully qualified ex-sports professionals and our sessions have received excellent feedback.

Gary Bowyer, the Blackburn Rovers manager said: “The session we had at Challenge 4 Change was excellent. We are always looking for that extra “something” that will give us the advantage over the other teams in the division, which is why we chose Challenge 4 Change. The coaches were excellent at emphasising the importance of teamwork and the challenges they set ensured that the lads had a lot of fun but also needed to work together as a team to succeed. We will be using Challenge 4 Change again as part of our quest to continually improve. And  its an added bonus that  Challenge 4 Change is a  charity and every booking  made with them means they can help more disadvantaged people in the community!”

The video of Blackburn Rovers experience can be accessed here

Gary Bowyer also gave credit to the Challenge 4 Change experience in his post match interview with Radio Lancashire after Rovers had survived with 10 men to beat Leeds United 2-1 in the game which followed their session at Challenge 4 Change.

David Puro, Coach of Manchester City Ladies Elite Development Squad said: “Chris and Dennis were really engaging and made the challenges thought provoking yet fun and enjoyable. Although there was no ball involved, the session brought out all the qualities I like to see in my team. There were elements of creativity, problem solving, team work, communication and leadership. I believe that personal development comes from stepping outside one’s comfort zone and I was really proud to see the girls ‘step up’ to all the different situations individually and as a group. The team really bonded through the session and now have a trust in one another that can only be good for when we next step on the field. I can’t thank the challenge4change guys expertise and attention to detail enough and highly recommend the experience to sports teams, business organisations, schools, everyone!! Thank You”!

Our sessions are 3 hours long for a squad of up to 25.

So if you are looking to bond new team members together, strengthen an existing team, energise them, reward them or just want an alternative training session either call 0161 359 3399 or email