We are a registered charity, established in 2008. We have a unique, indoor urban experiential learning facility – an ‘indoor urban activity centre’!

Our Mission

To make your world better

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide learning and development in an innovative way that engages the person, holds their interest and motivates them to learn about themselves and others whilst giving them a memorable experience.

We enable people to overcome barriers which are holding them back so that they can realise their true potential in life.
This is a vision we are dedicated to achieving

Our Aims

We aim to help individuals by enabling them to overcome barriers to their success and we aim to build stronger communities by forging links between the diverse groups that make up each community. We help people build their confidence, and develop the tools and skills to help themselves through fun activities and importantly help people realise that they hold the key to their success – no one else!

Our Values

  • Make a Positive Difference
  • Stronger Together
  • Empower People
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Build on Success

Our Training

We deliver training to groups of individuals, providing team and personal development. The outcomes are improved problem solving; communication skills; team working; conflict resolution and anger management together with increased self-esteem, confidence and motivation. The group sizes vary according to the nature of the training programme and the outcomes required but most sizes can be catered for. One of our most powerful programmes is “Team-mates not Inmates” which is delivered using our purpose built jail, unique facility and experienced staff.

Our Customers

We meet the requirements of diverse groups of customers including:

  • Education (Schools, Colleges and HEIs)
  • Charities and Community Groups
  • Housing Associations
  • Businesses
  • Sports Clubs
  • Voluntary and Statutory Organisations

Our Facilities

Our ’Inward Bound’ Centre:

Our 19,000 sqft indoor training facility is located near Media City UK in Trafford Park, Manchester. We have a number of training rooms plus an arena which has many different ground level challenges, including an assault course and tyre pit. Our arena also has a high ropes course, including a Crate Stack, Leap of Faith, Jacob’s Ladder, Climbing Wall, Elvis Pole and a 13 station aerial trek 35 feet from the ground and of course the jail!

Bringing our C4C Training to you:

We can deliver bespoke programmes on customer premises.

Our mobile C4C Training Centre

Our mobile training centre is a converted double decker bus, which has a climbing wall and zip wire.

If you want to be inspired, then ring the team today!

Tel: 0161 359 3399, email info@challenge4change.org or just come and see us!