P1040941Our education programme focuses on developing the skills and qualities young people need to become successful, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Sessions are planned to meet the specific needs of primary and secondary schools, special education and further / higher education centres.

P1040958Through our activities, which will be tailored to your specific requirements, young people develop key and thinking skills and are encouraged to reflect on what, and how, they learn. They learn in a fun and practical way and will reflect on how these skills can be applied to different subjects, problems and real-life situations.

P1050560 We use a Partnership approach to developing and delivering sessions / courses, which enables us to provide opportunities to plan sequences of work, learning outcomes and teaching approaches that support personal development through the five Every Child Matters outcomes – Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Well-being.

P1050036Our activities also support the current curriculum focus on personal learning and thinking skills: independent enquirers, creative thinkers, team workers, self-managers, effective participators and reflective learners.

Our sessions have been used as energisers, to help retention of students, as a reward or even been integrated into course delivery. Whatever learning takes place Challenge 4 Change can make a positive contribution.

Please contact us with your requirements by phone on 0161 359 3399 or by e-mail info@challenge4change.org

“I thought the week went really well, particularly the activities that you provided for us. Please can you pass on my thanks to your colleagues. The children were really excited, motivated and certainly enjoyed it! It’s a fantastic way to encourage the children to work as part of a team and keeps them active at the same time. It therefore meets the standards set by the National Curriculum. I thought that the ability of yourself and colleagues to work with the large groups that we allocated you shows fantastic management skills especially keeping 60 children engaged for 90 minutes. We will definitely want to book the challenge for change team in the future.”

The Deanery High School, Wigan


Visitors Include;


Sale Grammar School             Chorlton High School             Moorlands Junior School

Manchester University           Trafford College                        Afifah School

Harper Green School              Urmston Junior School          White Bridge College