Challenge 4 Change is a unique indoor urban activity centre designed and built with sports clubs in mind to help improve team continuity and performance. Our motivational trainers have over 10 years working in professional sport and have gained a formidable reputation. We offer training programmes for professional and amateur teams with previous visitors including Blackburn Rovers, Sale Sharks, Salford City Reds  Manchester City Ladies Elite Development Squad and Wigan Warriors

“The coaches were excellent at emphasising the importance of teamwork and the challenges they set ensured that the lads had a lot of fun but also needed to work together as a team to succeed. We will be using Challenge 4 Change again!” Gary Bowyer, Manager, Blackburn Rovers

Challenge 4 Change incorporates both rigorous physical training and stimulating mental challenges. With the use of our assault course, high ropes activities and 13 stage aerial trek course raised 35 feet from the ground, we have a truly challenging experience for all.

Wigan Warriors St Helens Red Devils MCFC Sale Blackburn



Challenge 4 Change believes all successful teams are strong in the following areas, which is what we will develop and strengthen:

Team Work

100_0156At any level of sport it is imperative that team members create a close-knit bond and work towards a common goal as one. We use team building exercises which are specially designed to test the group as a whole and concentrate them on a specific task. Through the use of our unrivalled assault course we can take them to the limits of physical exhaustion with some of the most innovative types of exercises available. Coaches and managerial staff will get the opportunity to analyse their players perform challenging tasks and assess how efficiently they interact with one another.


100_0260Communication is a key team skill. Some players never stop talking and others never start! How many times is this particular attribute, or lack of it, blamed for a team’s failures? Not knowing what each player is doing can lead to team inefficiency. Passing on vital information between the team can become a simple task and give the team a clinical edge over opponents.

“The team really bonded through the session and now have a trust in one another that can only be good for when we next step out on the field.” David Puro, Coach, Manchester City Ladies Elite Development Squad

Problem Solving

2013-09-C4C-4710Problem Solving is a major part of our work and tasks are set from simple to hard depending on the team and their stage of development. Each player will be encouraged to play their part and contribute to a successful outcome. Using clear and simple instruction can be a challenge for some and we encourage this in all that we do. Also training players to listen is essential and often underrated.


Leadership Skills gives some the responsibility to lead from the front not just with what they do but also with what they say, how they look, react and what they don’t say. Effective leaders have the capacity to influence a team to achieve goals and visions for the future.


Bradford Bulls1When individuals feel confident they are more adept to transfer sporting potential into superior performance. Success or failure can be separated by a very fine line and having positive self-belief can be the difference between winning and losing. Confidence and self esteem training through the use of our high ropes training programme will benefit all who attempt it. Something different with a lot of basic application is our trademark.



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