Tough Training

So, think you’re fit? Let us be the judge of that

This is your chance to put yourself through Manchester’s toughest training programme at Challenge 4 Change’s indoor training centre.

Delivered by Chris Whiteley, an ex-Rugby League professional with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, this training involves four 90-minute sessions that will testTT Logo your mental and physical strength beyond its perceived limits, helping you re-discover what your true potential really is.

You’ll need to dig deep as you force yourself to train in ways that are not catered for in commercial gyms. So don’t think that just because you can bench 100kg, that you’ll breeze this.

This is aimed at those who believe they have elite cardiovascular fitness as well as an excellent power to weight ratio. We’re looking for the best and most competitive.


Participants will be ranked in order of performance to earn the right to call themselves Top Gun.      

Here’s a word from the creator of this unique training experience –

Imagine if Cross-Fit, Tough Mudder and World’s Strongest Man got together and decided to create something that involved the best bits of all of them, along with a number of sports conditioning exercises? That’s what you can expect from this. Make no mistake … this is hell in an hour!

Chris Whiteley (C4C Training Director)

 Using all the equipment in our indoor activity centre, you can look forward to flipping tyres that are bigger than you are, running, dragging, lifting, and crawling, if necessary, to complete the 60-minute course, leaving every muscle fibre begging you to stop. Each of the 4 sessions is different from the previous; whether we add more weights, raise the bar, increase the reps or just incorporate something designed to make you go until failure.
We’re looking for men and women to get signed up right now. There are 10-12 spaces available per session.
Complimentary to this is advice on diet and nutrition, injury rehabilitation, and flexibility guidance.

So get in touch if you think you’re Tough Enough!

Please don’t get in touch if…

  • You are a whiner
  • You frequently say I can’t
  • You ask too many questions when you should get on with stuff
  • You enjoy Downton Abbey…    


We’re including videos of each of the 4 session as we do it, courtesy of >>ProFit to help you practice before you attend.

Session 1


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>>Application Form plus more information including start dates and times

>>Waiver to be signed and submitted with you completed application form.


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